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My time in this industry has allowed me to build connections with professional radio talk show hosts/producers for over twenty-five years and have access to a huge national following on popular online podcasts. I can permanently get your ad on the radio at a heavy discount compared to normal pricing.

I will professionally produce a commercial for your business/organization/cause/book/blog/podcast/song/etc. that you are free to use in the future and air it during popular shows. As a bonus, I will also share it on our social network to help drive even more conversions...with this service, I will easily get you in front of 500,000+ listeners.

Our shows Air on iHeart Radio, iTunes, TuneIn Radio, Stitcher Radio, and many other places.

Once your commercial airs, it is archived forever so you will have an endless promotion!

I will send you an mp3 file of your commercial at no additional charge that you can keep forever and use however you wish!

Please contact me at contact@careerjump.me to move forward.

This is a one time offer so contact me now and let's get you on the radio!

*I do not promote any sexual/inappropriate websites.

Contact details: contact@careerjump.me
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